Global Wine Management Portal

Global Wine Management Portal

Providing the best possible facility for your wine also means ensuring your collection is accounted for easily and accurately.

We developed a wine management interface that enables users advanced online interaction with their wine in our care, custody and control. The result is the Wine Management Portal™ – a subscription based solution for collecting and reporting on wine, suitable for both private collectors and businesses alike. Wine Management Portal

What makes the Global Wine Management Portal so unique?
This portal enables you to see all information regarding your wines in multiple countries, multiple locations and multiple currencies – all in one site.

The Wine Management PortalTM was developed using ‘cloud’ based technology and designed specifically for the wine industry. Utilising the ‘cloud’, WICSS are able to host, manage and process data on remote servers resulting in greater efficiency and speed and there’s no software to install, back-up or update – simply access via the internet. Once an account is set up, log in using any browser and a unique account number and encrypted password ensures data is securely held ‘in the cloud’ at all times.

Fully integrated with our own wine delivery services, the Wine Management Portal™ facilitates complete accessibility, accuracy and accountability - enabling the user to almost “touch” their wine in our warehouse. With transactions happening in real-time, you can be assured your collection will be up-to-date 24 hours a day.