Product Management Portal

Product Management Portal

warehouseOur product management portal is a web based solution which is integrated into a business’s website where they can control, organise and manage their products in one space. This system is designed to deliver a user-friendly experience and allows businesses to seamlessly update or make changes to their product offerings.

The option to update or make changes to a business’s products is easy-to-use and is all done in real-time.

Products that can be changed/updated include:

  • Product Names
  • Product Descriptions
  • Commentary
  • Product Codes
  • Specifications
  • Categories
  • Professional Reviews
  • Customer Reviews
  • Images

Wine in Cloud’s product management portal is a user-friendly, reliable, robust solution to manage your products and increase efficiency. Our Product Management Portal is seamlessly integrated into your existing software solutions and is then tailored to your requirements. This portal is then easily accessed through an online platform – wherever you are in the world, your business can manage your products efficiently and save on the cost of administration.

In the event that multiple users will be empowered to control the portal, appropriate security parameters will be put in place to protect your websites’ integrity. Key users of this portal will be assigned access permissions that correspond with their levels of authority in the business.