Virtual Global Warehouse Management

Virtual Global Warehouse Management

Our Virtual Global Warehouse Management system provides businesses with an online platform to manage their warehouse, product picking and stock rotation. This software system is designed for distribution/wholesale trade and retail trade companies.Virtual Global Warehouse Management

Using warehouse management software and high-tech barcode technology, Wine in Cloud Software Solutions (WICSS) can provide businesses with an easy-to-use solution to manage their warehouses. Our Virtual Global Warehouse Management (VGWM) system is a management system to equip warehouse companies and logistics service providers with the ability to track high-volume pallet traffic, bin transfer activity, as well as stock let-down activity.

A key feature of VGWM is the Warehouse Bin Control table. This Bin Control table establishes a virtual link between your warehouse floor plan and physical bin locations. Bin locations and dimensions enable VGWM to determine a suggested auto put-away plan. This system also prevents inaccurate manual put-away.

Our experienced team of professionals can integrate your current warehouse solution and migrate this to the ‘cloud’. By using our Virtual Global Warehouse Management services, your business can rely on the following:

  • Improved warehouse efficiency
  • Monitored & optimised performance
  • Increased accuracy and control throughout your warehouse operation
  • Seamless integration with current warehousing solution
  • Centralised Bin Control Table with virtual links to floor plan and bin locations
  • State of the art technology/software programming to create a user-friendly warehouse application
  • And much more…

We understand that stock rotation is critical when continuously moving stock through the logistics chain. This is why we provide a stock rotation solution that will transform your warehouse solution into more efficient systems.

As you will be in control of operating your warehouse, this system will provide you with real-time, accurate reporting. It will also provide you with the facility to view and trace all inventory in the warehouse due to barcode technology.

Why choose Wine in Cloud Software Solutions?
Already working in warehousing sites around Australia, Hong Kong and the UK, our Virtual Global Warehouse Management system improves product performance and improves pick rates, which in turn eliminates time waste and cuts excess inventory.

If your warehouse management system just doesn’t seem up to the standard it used to be, it may be time to upgrade to a new system. Our software offers a modular approach which means that our software will grow with your business’s warehouse operation. As we deploy our systems in the cloud, there is no risk of data loss to a business as it is always backed up. In addition to this, cloud software allows businesses to manage inventory all in real time.

Migrate your Warehouse to the Cloud today