Wine Management Portal

Wine Management Portal

Managing inventory as complex as Aged and Fine wine not only means providing the best possible facility for the clients products but also means ensuring your clients collections are accounted for easily and accurately.Wine Management Portal

Wine in Cloud Software Solutions developed a White Label solution in the form of a wine management interface that enables users advanced online interaction with their products in their own wine cellar.

The result is the Wine Management Portal™ – a cloud subscription based solution for collecting and reporting on wine, suitable for both serious and amateur private collectors, wine businesses, and restaurants alike.

What makes the Wine Management Portal™ (WMP) so unique?
Because WMP is hosted in the cloud, you can simply logon to and join the portal to gain instant access.

WMP is fully integrated with, and managed by Bev Portal Ltd

  • Secure Web User Interface for Consumers
  • Account Application
  • Ability for users to automatically add/remove their own products to the “cellar”
  • Create Tasting Notes on each product
  • Receive a Data Feed from well know Critics*
  • Receive Alerts when Products are reaching their best by date
  • Manage your subscriptions (Critics, and WMP)

With literally 1000’s of products already listed in Bev Portal, adding products to your Virtual Cellar is very easy indeed, literally a single click, that’s the fastest in the world!

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*Additional Subscription Costs apply