Mobility Overview


When deciding to use any of Wine in Cloud Software Solutions, we not only guarantee security but also mobility amongst all of our products and services.

When developing our products and services, we have ensured that our clients receive the utmost responsive designs available. At present, all of our websites are mobile enabled and we strive to ensure that our client’s products will translate into a responsive design when in the cloud.mobility

Google has recently released a ‘mobile-friendly test’ which aims to punish businesses without a responsive design by pushing these non-responsive websites down the rank in search engine results. The reason behind this course of action is to improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points.

Google have expressed that they will penalise non-responsive websites with a recently developed tool that will allow them to monitor the speed of mobile websites. Websites that load really slowly will see a demotion in their search results.

With the above in mind, we at Wine in Cloud Software Solutions constantly update and upgrade our products and services to keep in check with new internet standards across the globe.