Catalogue Content Management

Catalogue Content Management

At Wine in Cloud Software Solutions (WICSS), we strive to offer our clients the most up to date architecture of software and user interface design. As part of this mission, we offer beverage suppliers a user-friendly Catalogue Content Management (CCM) system. This Catalogue Content Management system provides beverage suppliers with a standardised environment to upload their products to the CCM system and reach their global e-commerce audience in a more efficient and productive manner.

Catalogue Content ManagementThis Catalogue Content Management system is provided in the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is licenced to Corporate users and their individual users within a subscription model.

To ensure that the Catalogue Content Management system is as efficient for our clients as possible, all changes made to a suppliers electronic catalogue (i.e. product information, etc.) are updated immediately on the CCM system and all relevant changes can then be synchronised and updated across all clients’ corporate websites/stores instantaneously.

This system is fully implemented across several of our client’s (B2C) NOP e-commerce sites, such as Cellar Link which operates in Australia, Hong Kong and the UK. When fully integrated, the Catalogue Content Management system gives our clients the opportunity to browse through numerous content rich catalogues and to view a selection of products from particular producers. With so many producers and varieties of beverages on the market today, it makes it harder for consumers to break through the clutter and see what selection is on offer.

As all relevant information for the producer and full specification attributes for their products can be found on this one platform, it supports the consumer’s decision to purchase, leading to higher conversion ratios.

We have integrated smart Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into this CCM system and across all of our platforms to ensure that the search engines are correctly cataloguing all of our clients products so the ‘right’ consumers can find our clients products the first time.

Advantages of using CCM:

  • Reach and exceed sales forecasts
  • Increase customer shopping experiences
  • Maximise your staff productivity through automation
  • Capture and manage high volumes of data
  • Analyse data and generate insights about your suppliers
  • User-friendly for both suppliers (they update their own data) and your management team alike
  • Global e-commerce reach
  • Stress-free integration with a suppliers existing ERP system
  • Exposed API's to allow easy integration to other e-commerce packages
  • SEO friendly