Product Data Migration

Product Data Migration

  • Product Data MigrationIs your business currently using an e-commerce platform which isn’t performing to the best of its ability?
  • Do you need to implement a new e-commerce solution?
  • Are you having nightmares worrying about what will happen to your historical data?

Wine in Cloud Software Solutions can help! With many of our current satisfied clients such as Cellar Link and Artisan Wine Storage having utilised this service in three different countries. We have had many opportunities to gain experience with complex data sets and successfully migrated global data (multi-regional/multi-currency) within the agreed time frames and without and data loss.

The most recent project for Cellar Link involved consolidating data from 2009 to 2015 within a new NOP e-commerce installation, in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. Given the multi-regional and multi-currency nature of the project – it provided particular challenges, however, we successfully overcame those to complete the project on time and within a budget.

We offer product data migration to clients who currently operate their own e-commerce system to sell beverages online. We migrate your entire database which would include; products, customer information, product images, prices, product data and details of historical transactions, etc.

Our main aim is to relocate a client’s product data as smoothly and seamlessly as possible without any disruption to their business. We understand that a business owner’s main fear of migrating is the fear of losing data as they move their data to another shopping cart. With our vast experience, we ensure high quality work with zero data loss. By using our data migration services, security and efficiency are our top priorities to clients.

How it works:

When using our product data migration services, we import all client data from your existing e-commerce website and relocate this data into another e-commerce platform. This is done using our most up to date software as well as human intervention to ensure all client data is precise and accurate.

With in-depth expertise in e-commerce platforms, our data migration services help you to transfer your data to another e-commerce platform while ensuring that data integrity and security are well-maintained.

Once this data is migrated, the client has full rights to update and make changes to any content regarding their products, etc.

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