Professional Services

Professional Services

Every client has a specific set of needs and requirements, which require distinctive solutions. Our team at Wine in Cloud Software Solutions strive to provide our clients with the highest quality professional services, security and integrity when deploying automated business solutions.

Wine in Cloud Software Solutions (WICSS) undergo five main stages when providing professional services to our clients. These stages include; Specification of Service, Scope of Work, Installation, Integration and Support.


1. Specification of Service
Our team begin by looking at a clients existing solutions/problems and provide consultation on how our services can improve on their current deployment. Once a client chooses a professional service to implement, we progress to consult our clients with a full breakdown of how this service can improve their business.

At this stage, clients can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Assurance that your system will operate with optimum efficiency
  • Specifications of which areas of the business will have the largest impact on efficiency
  • A report of your current system which will include recommendations for improvements
  • Identification of additional technologies that can further improve your software solution investment

2. Scope of Work
Our project scope of work will outline a breakdown of the work that will commence at a proposed date. The scope of work will be clearly outlined in a document in which we will provide you, in this document you will find;

  • Comprehensive project scope
  • Detailed costs – software and our implementation services
  • Thorough implementation plan
  • Infrastructure requirements

3. Deployment
Our highly experienced and efficient team commence deployment of your new software solution. Our team are careful to follow an agreed implementation plan with complete diligence and ensure that your business has no hidden surprises.

4. Integration
Upon integrating your new software with your existing solution, we provide the highest efficiency possible. Our experts are able to quickly troubleshoot any pain points that may arise during the integration process and resolve these problems swiftly.

We have completed many projects for clients, including Artisan Wine Storage and Cellar Link, who have experienced the full benefits of our work etiquette.

5. Support
At Wine in Cloud Software Solutions, we like to look after our clients. As a result of this, we provide aftercare support to ensure that our clients remain satisfied with their choice to use our services.